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336 € - 2999 €
Red Paddle Co
Siren Supsurfing
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SUP boards

In SUP boards on Feelfree shop you will find a wide range of boards for stand up paddling. Inflatable stand up paddle boards became popular in the recent years because they are very convenient, easy to pack and take with you anywhere and enjoy an active holiday. You can exercise your balance and muscles while also having fun paddling around on your board. The stand up paddle boards are also very simple to use so they can be used by anyone. In our offer you will find SUP boards from Red Paddle, Aqua Marina and Siren brands. In our range you will find everything from very affordable boards that are great for kids, to more advanced top quality SUP boards for adults and even huge boards that can be used by multiple people. Those are great for parties, families and team building events. Red Paddle Co SUP boards are top quality reliable, durable and extremely rigid boards that are perfect for heavier riders and beginners, as they will feel more stable on them, as well as for everyone else who wants a more rigid SUP board. Aqua Marina SUPS have been very popular lately because they offer best quality/price ratio. Aqua Marina SUPS are available from 359€ up. Siren Supsurfing boards are affordable and versatile and they make boards for everyone from your kids to really big boards for up to 8 persons.
sup board aqua marina breeze 9 0 supambreeze
-12 %

SUP board Aqua Marina Breeze 9'9''

On stock
346,00 €
393,18 €
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lokahi sup hard board 10 6 aca rider suplokahard

Lokahi SUP hard board 10'6 ACA Rider

Out of stock
749,00 €
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sup board red paddle co 10 6 ride paddle suprpride106p
-5 %

SUP board Red Paddle Co 10'6 Ride + alu paddle

On stock
949,05 €
999,00 €
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sup board red paddle co ride 10 8 suprpride108pdl
-5 %

SUP board Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8 + free alu paddle

Out of stock
996,55 €
1.049,00 €
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touring sup 2018 red paddle co 11 0 sport carbon paddle suprpsport11pdl
-5 %

Touring SUP 2018 Red Paddle Co 11'0 Sport + carbon paddle

Out of stock
1.101,05 €
1.159,00 €
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lokahi inflatable sup board 10 6 enjoy suplojoy106

Lokahi inflatable SUP board 10'6 Enjoy

On stock
579,00 €
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sup board aqua marina vapor 9 10 paddle supamvapor
-10 %

SUP board Aqua Marina Vapor 9'10'' + paddle

On stock
365,90 €
406,55 €
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lokahi inflatable sup board 10 6 water explorer rider suplokawe106

Lokahi inflatable SUP board 10'6 Water Explorer Rider

On stock
679,00 €
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crossoverboard siren snapper 9 6 supsisnapper96

Crossoverboard Siren Snapper 9.6

Out of stock
789,00 €
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sup board aqua marina fusion 10 4 supamfusion
-15 %

SUP board Aqua Marina Fusion 10'4''

On stock
347,65 €
409,00 €
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allrounder siren shark 10 6 supsishark106

Allrounder Siren Shark 10.6

Out of stock
748,99 €
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lokahi inflatable sup board 11 6 water explorer canoa suplowe116

Lokahi inflatable SUP board 11'6 Water Explorer Canoa

749,00 €
allrounder siren mahi 10 6 supsimahi106

Allrounder Siren Mahi 10.6

799,00 €
sup board siren hydra 11 6 windsup supsihydraw116

SUP board Siren Hydra 11.6 Windsup

989,01 €
sup board aqua marina atlas 12 0 paddle supamatlas
-15 %

SUP board Aqua Marina Atlas 12'0'' +paddle

On stock
529,95 €
623,47 €
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sup board aqua marina triton with a paddle supamtrt
-17 %

SUP board Aqua Marina Triton with a paddle

On stock
514,00 €
619,28 €
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lokahi inflatable sup board 12 6 water explorer canoa suplowe126

Lokahi inflatable SUP board 12'6 Water Explorer Canoa

849,00 €
lokahi inflatable sup board pro 10 6 rider suplopro106

Lokahi inflatable SUP board Pro 10'6 Rider

On stock
949,00 €
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sup board siren hydra 11 6 supsihd116

SUP board Siren Hydra 11.6

889,00 €
sup siren moby xxxl sup 18 6 supsimoby186

SUP Siren Moby XXXL SUP 18.6

Out of stock
2.989,00 €
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lokahi inflatable sup board 12 6 pro canoa suplopro126

Lokahi inflatable SUP board 12'6 Pro Canoa

1.149,00 €
sup board aqua marina beast 106 paddle supambeast

SUP board AQUA MARINA Beast 10’6″ + paddle

On stock
478,00 €
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sup raceboard siren ray 12 6 supsiray126

SUP Raceboard Siren Ray 12.6

Out of stock
989,00 €
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